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In order to provide its clients with the best service possible, De Groot International has all the necessary expertise and facilities available in-house. Consequently De Groot International is in a continuous process of keeping its specialised skills up to date. To illustrate, schooling for employees, investing in modern techniques and ICT and developing new marketing strategies are part of the company policy for a long time. Nowadays, our modern distribution centres cater all varieties of fruit and vegetables under optimum conditions for our clients. Moreover our products will be processed and/or packed for you with the greatest care, which is a clear advantage to our clients


The modern packing station can provide all types of pre-packing services, generic and bespoke. Many desired types of packaging are available, even small packing with a private label and barcode. The end result is added value for all clients. Also De Groot International is continuously striving for innovation and improvement with regard to its product range as well as its packaging and delivery systems. As a result, the quality and freshness of the products keeps on improving, which allows us to meet your requirements as optimally as possible. Besides that,  all used types of packaging are specifically developed as fresh produce packaging. Moreover the company invests a lot in the latest technology in which the co-workers are centralized as human beings. Currently the packing station is equipped with under floor heating and cooling systems with air socks. Other new developments are followed with specific interests.

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